scenery on Koh phi phi

Nice view of Wang Long
Longtail boat pn the beach on Bamboo island 
Nice view on Loh Sama bay with a couple of longtail boats parked on the beach 
Thai man climbing in a coconut tree to remove coconuts that other wise will fall on the roof of Moskito diving or even worse on people walking by or sitting outside after a nice day of diving 
Tonsai tower the place where they do the most rock climbing 
Phi ley lagoon one of the most stunning water colors 
The trail to the east side to hike to Phi Phi island village will take you around 45 min 
The beautyfull white sandy beach of Bamboo island 
Tonsai bay the place where most nightdives are being done .
The new pier a big improvemend on the old one , way more easy to get on the MV Nautica for a daytrip
Maya bay at a fairly quite day 
Maya south where you normally jump in for a dive there is the big entrance to The Maya bay cave only for trained cave divers btw .
Maya corner the best place for nice swim throughs some small and some big 
This place is the place to see lobsters especially in high season 
Palong north the place to see Black tip reef sharks 
The are behind phi phi island village it will take a bit of a hike to get there but it is really nice there .
Pictures taken at Koh Phi Phi from the view point , the hike to phi phi island village , longtail boat trip to phi phi ley 
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